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Western immorality and paralysis in the face of violence

The reality is the West is morally corrupt and impotent to take a strong stand for a less violent world as long as it is so reliant on violence. What is very obvious when moving from New Zealand ( where there are high levels of skepticism about the utility of the military and coercive power) to the UK where the opposite prevails is that this “love in ” with violence is deeply engrained in a political system that is highly hierarchical, highly entitled and where the military is elevated to a determinant position in the UK moral and political order. Continue reading

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Whose Insane Around here: Corbyn or the Realists?

Jeremy Corbyn is being pilloried by the Murdoch Press and radio for saying that as Prime Minister he would (i) not use nuclear weapons in defence of the UK, (ii) that he does not believe in nuclear deterrence and (iii) that he would work for the total abolition of all weapons of mass destruction. Instead of applauding this sensible, ethical and rational statement, right wing labourites are declaring him on the “dissident extreme left fringe” and the Press argues that this comment further underlines how extreme and unelectable he is. Mmmm. Corbyn is saying that the Nuclear Powers (The Emporer ) have no clothes and no arguments in defence of deterrence and he is accused of extremism instead of being applauded for his common sense. I don’t care if the establishment don’t find Corbyn electable. he is saying things that people in their heart of hearts know to be true….this is why he is gaining rather than losing popularity with all my friends…. Have I been hanging out with extremists too long or are we the wave of a new and much more radical future? !!!! Continue reading

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