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What next after Paris?:Nonviolent solutions to Violent Politics

The whole point of terrorist political violence is to generate an enemy over reaction that will advance the cause and justify the violence that has occurred and future threats. Unfortunately we ( i.e the media and political leaders in the West) have responded to the appalling terror attacks in Paris of a week ago , in a way that is already an over reaction. If this over reaction is followed with political decisions to expand and deepen military intervention it will undoubtedly complicate what already is an extremely complicated situation and it may do more harm than good. In which case it will perpetuate rather than end the suffering. Continue reading

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Gaza Interview- Truthout

Originally posted on Global Justice in the 21st Century:
? [Prefatory note: This is an interview with a knowledgeable Greek journalist covering a range of issues associated with the Gaza ordeal] ? “Blood on American Hands”: Richard Falk on Palestine…

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To live creatively in the 21st Century we need to overcome the politics of fear

Overcoming the Politics of Fear: Living Adventurously in Aotearoa-New Zealand Kevin P Clements NCPACS, University of Otago Western democracies are facing a cruel dilemma. Instead of feeling secure in our affluence and generous in our disposition we feel insecure, fearful … Continue reading

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