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Something to Live and Love for in 2016

So at this liminal moment , as we pause to reflect on what a mess we made of 2015 and what we might do better for 2016, lets focus our attention on the development of a world where poverty, inequality, and the unsustainable consumption of the world are addressed positively , creatively and non-violently. Lets also build relationships of love, empathy, altruism, compassion and tolerance so that we might begin breaking the appalling cycles of violence that have afflicted far too many people over the past few years.

The good news is that if we can transform ourselves personally, mobilise political will around these more positive ends, forge relationships of love ,solidarity and active resistance to those who would like to isolate us we have a chance of ensuring that the 21st century will become a century of maturity rather than one of fear and barbarism. Such a vision will end any residual existential angst we might have and give us something to live and love for in 2016. Continue reading

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Breaking Vicious Cycles of Violence: Building Virtuous ones in the Middle East

e need to be using our small power status, our seat on the security council, our connections with a wide variety of moderate religious and political Islamic actors to try and find some diplomatic and political solutions to the challenges posed by political extremism. One thing is very clear violent solutions to violent problems simply generate more violence. Even though its not easy to discern nonviolent solutions to those committed to violence this is likely to yield more positive long lasting solutions than any kind of military commitment. Lets at least give these a try before we find ourselves on the wrong side of history. The reality is that the Middle East is going through a political transformation at the moment. We will not know how this is going to work out for decades. The best we can do at this stage is listen, provide non military humanitarian assistance where this is asked for and be ready to support the connectors rather than the dividers; the peacemakers rather than the warriors. Continue reading

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The Costs of Violence and Benefits of Peace: Building Cultures and Structures of Peace in a world of fear and Violence

So when you see division and polarization occurring and then demonization and enmification you know that the dynamics are conducive to vicious violence.When these things happen we’re no longer adhering to any humanist , socialist or pacifist principle but something much less civilised. Continue reading

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New Zealand should abstain from all military engagement in Iraq.

Sending New Zealand Defence Force Personnel to Iraq to support the fight against the Islamic State is misguided ,counter productive and will enhance the power of Islamic militants. Continue reading

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Nicky Hager’s Article: New Zealand elections: dirty tricks helped John Key win another term

 This is a great article by Nicky Hager which I am reposting on my blog for everyone to read New Zealand elections: dirty tricks helped John Key win another term Nicky Hager  :theguardian.com, Wednesday 24 September 2014 An orchestrated attack … Continue reading

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Monday is another day-More ruminations on New Zealand Power and Politics

Monday is another day-More ruminations on New Zealand Power and Politics   Kevin P Clements  Now that most electoral returns are in we have learned that a million eligible New Zealanders chose not to register to vote or vote in this … Continue reading

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The Morning After….Reflections on the 2014 NZ Election.

The Morning After….Reflections on the 2014 NZ Election. Kevin P Clements  News Asia called me in the middle of the night for a comment on the  NZ election. They couldn’t understand, in Singapore , how or why New Zealander’s re-elected … Continue reading

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