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“ Tools from the past for a problematic present: How relevant is Burtonian Theory and Practice for 21st century conflict transformation?”

No matter what we think of Burton as a person there was no doubt that he was one of the first significant critics of IR theory and a major contributor to the fledgling field of peace and conflict research. He had the public intellectual’s knack of bringing insights, and theory from one discourse and applying it somewhere else. John was multidisciplinary in his background and orientation. He was not a political scientist or an international relations specialist but a social psychologist. A lot of his critical insight flowed from transferring the wisdom and knowledge of psychology or sociology into politics and international relations. Continue reading

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The Costs of Violence and Benefits of Peace: Building Cultures and Structures of Peace in a world of fear and Violence

So when you see division and polarization occurring and then demonization and enmification you know that the dynamics are conducive to vicious violence.When these things happen we’re no longer adhering to any humanist , socialist or pacifist principle but something much less civilised. Continue reading

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An Open Letter to David Cunliffe

28 September 2014 Open Letter to David Cunliffe, House of Representatives Wellington Dear David, You did an excellent job in the electoral debates with John Key. You matched him dollar for dollar on   economic questions and there were some significant … Continue reading

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To live creatively in the 21st Century we need to overcome the politics of fear

Overcoming the Politics of Fear: Living Adventurously in Aotearoa-New Zealand Kevin P Clements NCPACS, University of Otago Western democracies are facing a cruel dilemma. Instead of feeling secure in our affluence and generous in our disposition we feel insecure, fearful … Continue reading

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