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Subverting the Japanese Peace Constitution undermines Hiroshima Day 2015 and the peace loving desires of the Japanese people

There is no objective justification for recent Japanese Security Legislation. The Chinese threat has been exaggerated, Japan remains relatively untouched by global terrorism and there is absolutely no need to squander moral reputation for cheap and short term political advantage. I hope the Japanese electorate will vote in large numbers at the Upper House election to challenge LDP subversion of the Constitution and basic democratic processes. I hope that the thousands who have been protesting against this legislation inside and outside of the Diet will prevail and again reassert Japan’s important moral pacifist credentials. Continue reading

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Japan’s Prime Minister Knew He Was Putting Hostage Lives at Risk: by Jake Adelstein

This article by Jake Adelstein should be read in conjunction with my last blog . I did not know that the Japanese Foreign Ministry had been involved in hostage negotiations from as early as Mid November and that it had asked media to maintain secrecy on this matter. It confirms my anxiety that the Japanese Prime Minister is willing to sacrifice lives, place Japanese security at stake in order to advance his own agenda for revising the Japanese Constitution, remilitarising and developing an independent military capacity to engage in out of area operations whenever he wishes to. The West and Japan have not learned from the past. It is willingly expanding the military response to IS horror tactics which is exactly what ISIS wants. It wishes to provoke deeper Western engagement in the brutal conflicts over the future shape of the Middle East. Continue reading

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Reinterpretation of Article 9 a major challenge to peace in North East Asia and the rest of the world

Reinterpreting Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution is a challenge to Peace in North East Asia.   Professor Kevin P Clements Director National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies Otago University Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s decision   to “ reinterpret” … Continue reading

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