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Quaker Contributions to building a Culture of Peace in an Unpeaceful world

The United Nations’ (UN) International Day of Peace has been  celebrated on September 21 each year (since 1981)to recognize the efforts of those who have worked hard to end conflict and promote peace. This year many people’s and nations marked … Continue reading

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Love and Terror in the Third Reich:A Tale of Broken Integrity

I Launched Peter Matheson and Heinke Somer Matheson’s book , Love and Terror in the Third Reich:A Tale of broken Integrity 2019 Cascade Books Oregon on Friday the 24th May . Its a disarming book that documents the love, faith … Continue reading

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Time, Space and the Global Imaginary: Reflections on Elise Boulding’s Contribution to a Global Civic Culture and a Peaceful World.

In all this work on developing a global system that worked she promoted integrative rather than dominatory or coercive power(power with rather than power over others) . She also wanted a world where diversity was celebrated, where there was equality between men and women and adults and children. She wanted a world dedicated to the creation of conditions within which all 6.5 billion people on the planet were able to have their needs for recognition, security and welfare met and where they could all realise their deepest potentiality. She advanced all of these causes with integrity, passion, intellect and a deep commitment to the welfare of others. I miss her every day but her ideas sustain me and others as we grapple with the follies of the 21st century. Continue reading

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Subverting the Japanese Peace Constitution undermines Hiroshima Day 2015 and the peace loving desires of the Japanese people

There is no objective justification for recent Japanese Security Legislation. The Chinese threat has been exaggerated, Japan remains relatively untouched by global terrorism and there is absolutely no need to squander moral reputation for cheap and short term political advantage. I hope the Japanese electorate will vote in large numbers at the Upper House election to challenge LDP subversion of the Constitution and basic democratic processes. I hope that the thousands who have been protesting against this legislation inside and outside of the Diet will prevail and again reassert Japan’s important moral pacifist credentials. Continue reading

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Tomorrow the 15th May is International Conscientious Objection Day

Tomorrow we honour and remember all those who exercised their conscience and chose not to fight nor to kill in the service of the state. I will remember my father who spent 4 years in detention for his beliefs but I will also remember many others who made a big impact on me as an adolescent, Ormie Burton , a decorated World War One soldier who turned pacifist as a consequence of his experiences during the First World War. Archie Barrington, Bub Hyland, Merv and Marj Browne, Chris Palmer, Dave Sylvester, who endured detention and then developed a Christian Pacifist Community ( Riverside) at the end of the war to try and live according to strict nonviolent Christian and communitarian principles. I’ll remember, Bert Worboys, John McCreary, Wilf Foote, Jack Hammerton and many others. These I knew well. Continue reading

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