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Western immorality and paralysis in the face of violence

The reality is the West is morally corrupt and impotent to take a strong stand for a less violent world as long as it is so reliant on violence. What is very obvious when moving from New Zealand ( where there are high levels of skepticism about the utility of the military and coercive power) to the UK where the opposite prevails is that this “love in ” with violence is deeply engrained in a political system that is highly hierarchical, highly entitled and where the military is elevated to a determinant position in the UK moral and political order. Continue reading

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Breaking Vicious Cycles of Violence: Building Virtuous ones in the Middle East

e need to be using our small power status, our seat on the security council, our connections with a wide variety of moderate religious and political Islamic actors to try and find some diplomatic and political solutions to the challenges posed by political extremism. One thing is very clear violent solutions to violent problems simply generate more violence. Even though its not easy to discern nonviolent solutions to those committed to violence this is likely to yield more positive long lasting solutions than any kind of military commitment. Lets at least give these a try before we find ourselves on the wrong side of history. The reality is that the Middle East is going through a political transformation at the moment. We will not know how this is going to work out for decades. The best we can do at this stage is listen, provide non military humanitarian assistance where this is asked for and be ready to support the connectors rather than the dividers; the peacemakers rather than the warriors. Continue reading

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New Zealand Government Undermining its Global Reputation with proposed military deployment to Iraq

It is quite clear that so-called “Defence” is gearing up to send troops to Iraq. I am firmly opposed to it on several grounds.

The first is that it does not fit in with the multi-lateral approach successive governments have voiced for New Zealand’s candidature for a seat in the Security Council. Over 75% of the recent vote was in favour of New Zealand and many of those nations in favour of this country would have had significant Islamic populations and who believed that the Government of New Zealand would advance their interests and values of justice and a fair go. To side with a cheapskate corrupt regime in Baghdad undermines in the most blatant manner possible, New Zealand’s avowed position on being fair-minded. The people of New Zealand, as I understand it, want to take the opportunity of a seat on the Security Council to stand up against the bully boys of the world and to advocate a fair go for the deprived and underprivileged. How can the Government led by John Key reconcile this apparent contradiction? Continue reading

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