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Quaker Contributions to building a Culture of Peace in an Unpeaceful world

The United Nations’ (UN) International Day of Peace has been ¬†celebrated on September 21 each year (since 1981)to recognize the efforts of those who have worked hard to end conflict and promote peace. This year many people‚Äôs and nations marked … Continue reading

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A bold and good choice:The 2015 Nobel Peace Prize goes to the National Dialogue Quartet of Tunisia

It is vital that ordinary people and groups are recognised for taking courageous action for peace at the level of locality rather than as leaders on the national, regional or global political stage. This reinforces my sense that the effective politics of the 21st century will be decentralised, localised, civil society and community driven rather than centralised, deterritorialised, and politically driven.

The rationale for the award highlights some important truths about peacebuilding everywhere. Peacebuilding does not consist of eliminating conflict it consists of creating institutions and processes capable of generating civilised and respectful discussion and dialogue about divisive differences. The expression of political difference in a respectful and peaceable fashion is a major contribution towards social and political harmony. It sounds as though this quartet have understood this simple truth and in their work together have encouraged peaceful dialogue between citizens, political parties and the government in a nation and region where deep divisions are all too often resolved violently. Continue reading

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