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Dear America

Dear America and Americans There are only 9 days before Donald J Trump is inaugurated as the 45th President of the USA. This is a prospect that appalls most New Zealanders as it does millions of others all around the … Continue reading

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The Politics of Compassion in a World of Ruthless Power

If we don’t begin to create the conditions within which politicians and political leaders work to encourage communitarian and socially driven policies the world will indeed become more merciless as it perfects itself. The politics of compassion, in the first instance, a politics that places the welfare of the community first and the state second. It is the opposite of dominatory, pathological, fear driven, xenophobic politics based on a monopoly of force and coercion. If we depend on that for our order, we’ve already lost the plot. The difficult answer to this question is that the politics of compassion is a new political paradigm for an interdependent world. The reality is that there is no way in which you can build a wall against anything in the twenty-first century. The whole notion of a wall is just stupid in an age of electronic communications. Continue reading

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Monday is another day-More ruminations on New Zealand Power and Politics

Monday is another day-More ruminations on New Zealand Power and Politics   Kevin P Clements  Now that most electoral returns are in we have learned that a million eligible New Zealanders chose not to register to vote or vote in this … Continue reading

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The Morning After….Reflections on the 2014 NZ Election.

The Morning After….Reflections on the 2014 NZ Election. Kevin P Clements  News Asia called me in the middle of the night for a comment on the  NZ election. They couldn’t understand, in Singapore , how or why New Zealander’s re-elected … Continue reading

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