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New Zealand Government Undermining its Global Reputation with proposed military deployment to Iraq

It is quite clear that so-called “Defence” is gearing up to send troops to Iraq. I am firmly opposed to it on several grounds.

The first is that it does not fit in with the multi-lateral approach successive governments have voiced for New Zealand’s candidature for a seat in the Security Council. Over 75% of the recent vote was in favour of New Zealand and many of those nations in favour of this country would have had significant Islamic populations and who believed that the Government of New Zealand would advance their interests and values of justice and a fair go. To side with a cheapskate corrupt regime in Baghdad undermines in the most blatant manner possible, New Zealand’s avowed position on being fair-minded. The people of New Zealand, as I understand it, want to take the opportunity of a seat on the Security Council to stand up against the bully boys of the world and to advocate a fair go for the deprived and underprivileged. How can the Government led by John Key reconcile this apparent contradiction? Continue reading

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Hiroshima Day August 6th 2014

Hiroshima Day-6th August 2014 Kevin P Clements     Instead of commemorating Hiroshima day with my colleagues, students and friends at the Dunedin Peace Pole, I’m on a Singapore airlines flight flying from Christchurch to Singapore and then on to … Continue reading

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Re-interpret the Constitution-Militarise the Region.

Re-Interpret the Constitution-Militarise the Region. Kevin P Clements Shinzo Abe’s unilateral re-intrepretation of the Japanese Constitution was justified in terms of “Collective Defence”  particularly of the the Japanese homeland. What was not stated, however, in the official justifications  was that … Continue reading

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What Happened to Conscientious Objectors in the First World War

This is an interesting article on Conscientious Objectors during the First  World War. Although its  written  and recorded in Australia it pays generous homage to the New Zealand Conscientious Objectors who made very brave stands for their beliefs-in particular Archibald … Continue reading

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